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2011-05-09 22:20:38 by Navy-BlueSky

So, I uploaded music onto Newgrounds, but it's been WAY too long since they said that the moderators would check and see if the submissions are working. I did clearly convert to .mp3 format. WHY HAVEN'T THEY APPROVED IT?! I've uploaded to this website under a different username before and it worked just fine. I wonder what's going on >_<


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2011-05-27 04:57:12

You were only waiting two days you know. The workload is massive and as of now there are hundreds of artists to approve with more coming in everyday, so the approval time could easily be 3 weeks or so.

Anyways, I'm an audio moderator and I'm listening to your songs now.


2011-05-27 05:04:55


Navy-BlueSky responds:

I experienced the same thing with my band who has a newgrounds account on here. The wait for that audio to be approved was a little over a month. I'm not impatient, but I was unsure if my songs were still waiting to be approved or if they were discarded. Thanks for the help!


2011-06-18 09:30:56

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